Accmede Pharmaceuticals is fully licensed and registered as a global wholesaler and distributor of high-grade and patented pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and unlicensed products. We are regulated by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), an agency run by the UK Department of Health.

As a leading distributor and exporter of pharmaceutical, biological and healthcare products globally, we are committed to maintain the highest standards of quality and integrity of our supply chain. We comply with the principles of Good Distribution Practise (GDP), which is a legal obligation that every WDA (H) license holder should meet. We also ensure the highest levels of compliance in all matters related to the products we supply and supply chain management.

Accmede is a premier pharmaceutical wholesaler and distributor in the UK and is highly focused on patient safety, reliability and regulatory parameters. Our expanding portfolio contains only highest standards of products and is complimented by exceptional services which help us to comply with quality regulations and norms with regards to wholesale and distributorship of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies globally.

Considering the type of business we are in, it is necessary for us to meet the quality standards and other compliances across different countries. Whenever we enter into a business development initiative with companies in other countries, we strive to follow the regulatory practices regarding supply chain management and import-export of pharmaceuticals , medical supplies and healthcare products in that country.

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