Q. Who is Accmede Pharmaceuticals?

Accmede Pharmaceuticals is a leading medical procurement company, and a global pharmaceutical wholesaler and distributor in the UK and worldwide. We specialise in business-to-business trading of a wide spectrum of pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical products globally. We supply to distributors, agents, pharmacies, hospitals, organisation, retailers and charities across the world. Established in XXXX, we are approved and regulated by the Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Accmede is a major player in the industry with a strong reputation in the UK and international markets alike.

Q. Can you source UK licensed branded pharmaceuticals from top manufacturers?

Yes. Accmede is fully licensed and certified to procure, store and distribute a wide spectrum of pharmaceutical and healthcare products manufactured by top companies in the UK.

Q. How to buy from Accmede Pharmaceuticals?

To buy high-grade patented or unlicensed pharmaceutical and healthcare products from Accmede, you have to be a licensed wholesaler, pharmacy, hospital, organisation or distributor in the UK. Furthermore, you must be approved and certified to supply pharmaceutical products in your home country and pass our verification checks to buy from us. If you fulfil the above criteria, we will set up an account via which you can deal with us to buy medicinal products.

Q. Where do you deliver?

We can deliver pharmaceutical products to all countries across the world, including the ones you plan to re-export to. Accmede is flexible in terms of delivery of products. Based on your needs, you can arrange for your collection or we can deliver to your nominated air freight forwarders.

Q. How do I make payments?

On successfully setting up your account with us, you can make payments via cheque, bank transfer or credit card. When the funds are cleared in our account, we will arrange for the delivery of your stock.